Our Team

Mary Brown has developed one of the most amazing professional networks in the child care industry. For 37 years, she and her team at BrownRichards pioneered corporate sponsored child care centers for companies like Turner Broadcasting, Emory University and Georgia Pacific, as well as cooperative ventures between companies as diverse as the Federal Reserve Bank and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

She consulted to hundreds of businesses and non-profits, providing child care center planning and development, employee needs assessment, benchmarking studies, resource and referral services and executive search. She was instrumental in the start-up of over two dozen child care centers.

Mary sold BrownRichards in 2014, but has a hard time standing still. She now focuses her considerable energy on executive search as a principal in Brown + Gibney.

Terry Gibney, Brown + Gibney

Terry Gibney’s wide range of experience in the early childhood field convinced him that leadership is the key ingredient to quality. In turn, this led to the creation of Brown + Gibney with his longtime friend and colleague, Mary Brown.

In addition to child care center administration, much of his 25 years’ experience in early education has an international component: development and training for an innovative curriculum for migrant children in Europe; development and production of foreign language parenting books and videos; consulting to international schools in South America and the Middle East.

The depth of Terry’s work sharpened an ability to identify talented individuals, expert in their fields and able to work well in teams in often challenging environments.

Jack Wallace, Brown + Gibney | Executive Search for the Childcare Industry
Jack Wallace is an expert in the business of child care. As a senior executive with several of the largest providers of corporate child care, he worked with dozens of major corporations and institutions to insure the highest quality of care for their employees’ children. A sample of clients includes Carnival Cruise Lines, Chesapeake Energy, U.S. Department of State, National Science Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Alabama and Purdue University.

As a Senior Associate with Brown + Gibney, Jack negotiates fair and ethical legal arrangements to insure high quality child care, offered at a reasonable cost. He is well known for building great relations between child care providers and corporate clients.

Jack also understands the economics of smaller chains, franchises and stand-alone child care centers. He’s a valuable resource for providers struggling with their business operations. Brown + Gibney is proud to offer Jack’s expertise to child care businesses at both the corporate and retail levels.

Anne Dennis Hoffman is a model for effective early childhood leadership. She has led NAEYC accredited centers at all levels: corporate, for-profit, non-profit, faith-based, consortiums and community centers at all economic levels.

As the long-time director of one of Atlanta’s premiere faith-based child care programs, she groomed the next generation of leadership for her center. Anne has worked extensively with NAEYC and sat on the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Children’s Shelter and the Georgia Child Care Council.

Anne believes there are many leadership styles, and the most effective executive searches identify the type of leadership needed for the client organization.

Now a Senior Associate with Brown + Gibney, Anne uses her decades of experience to identify talented leaders ready to move to the next career level.

Lori Anne Henderson, MSW, possesses work/life and well-being expertise spanning 25 years across both academic and business settings. She is passionate about fostering an engaged and productive workplace culture by helping organizations support the work/life needs of their employees. She is the Past President of CUWFA (the College and University Work-Life-Family Association), and currently serves as a Board Member.

Over the years she has developed a reputation for creating high quality, well-utilized programs. Informed by in-depth industry knowledge, she is adept at designing and evaluating programs, whether childcare, eldercare, flexibility, lactation support, employee assistance (EAP) or well-being programs, that fit the culture of an organization. She is an innovator and leader in the field of work/life, implementing a first of its kind support program for graduate student parents at Northwestern University. This program later became a model for peer institutions.

Lori Anne strongly believes that the key to successful work/life programs lies in aligning them to an overall organizational strategy, establishing clear program goals and measuring results.